Creative Tuesday: Dawn of The Dragon Excerpt


I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Dawn of The Dragon. Let me know what you think in the comments. As followers of mine, you have VIP status when it comes to drafts and revisions. Your suggestions and comments may make its way into the final version to be published. All updates, except the final developmental/copy edits, will be added to Wattpad.

“A blue dragon is standing in my neighbor’s front yard! Live, I hope you are getting this. THERE IS A BLUE DRAGON IN THE F’ing YARD!” Screams the guy next door.

Helicopters maneuvering up and down back and forth hovering above my home. The Army National Guards have now been joined by Marines, FBI, and the NSA evacuating homes and have surrounded at least a three-mile radius.

“You may not want to raise your voice toward me.” I suggest to the chief.

“Call them off.” I order.

“I have orders. And those orders are to take you and this thing into custody.” He yells through the chaos.

Maintaining the scene proved problematic for them as people were running through the streets with their cellphone cameras. The military warned the media circus, but it was too late. By now, America, and the entire world were fixed on Rocheblave Street in New Orleans.

Staring into the eyes of my dragon, I knew we had to make a move, and get Xavgon out of here. It would be easy for us to fly away, but what about Zaron? I could not just abandon him. Deep in my thoughts, Xavgon speaks.

“Do you trust me? He asks.

“Of course.” I respond.

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